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Extra Added-Value Services

  • Separate skilled position and general labor recruitment
  • Elite payroll management and processes
  • Timeclock implementation and time management through our WebCenter
  • Pre-employment orientation training
  • Employee handbook reviews and revising consultation
  • Reports for labor cost savings
  • HR consultation
  • Work opportunity credits
  • Resources for team and business process coaching
  • Injury procedure training
  • Compliance and Harassment trainings
  • Workman’s comp training
  • Safety walkthroughs
  • OSHA trainings and guidance and preparedness for OHSA visits
  • Federal and State Dept. of Labor, EEOC, AND OSHA updates
  • Local candidates who want to work and have the skills to do the job
  • We offer full medical benefits to all employees once they meet the requirements
  • We offer discounted bill rates for paid holidays and vacations
  • We can partner with you on any bonuses you offer employees


  • Light Industrial
  • Office and Administration
  • Hospitality
  • Maintenance
  • Warehouse

Light Industrial

By treating light industrial workers as employees, having employment guidelines, a weekly payroll, and offering health insurance, we strive to build a more dedicated work force. 

Office & Administrative

With our Smart Match process we find you the right person for the job based on the qualifications needed for the position. All candidates are properly screened and orientated prior to resume presentation and interviews.


Source One works hard to keep the process simple, yet personal. We utilize a blend of technology and personal networks to find the best fit for your open positions. We are able to give our utmost attention to each client to learn their specific needs and how we can best serve them.

Is Your Employment Cost High and Your Production Low?

At Source One Staffing we help our clients solve problems!  We are your experts!

Current employment market trends - Why can’t I find or keep employees?  What’s going on?

Compliance -How can I have a safe work environment?  How do I keep up with all the changing OSHA rules?

How do I make my workforce more productive?

We will help you save money on training costs, lower your employee turnover rate, and increase your production!

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