Extra Added-Value Services

  • Separate skilled position and general labor recruitment
  • Elite payroll management and processes
  • Timeclock implementation and time management through our WebCenter
  • Pre-employment orientation training
  • Employee handbook reviews and revising consultation
  • Reports for labor cost savings
  • HR consultation
  • Work opportunity credits
  • Resources for team and business process coaching
  • Injury procedure training
  • Compliance and Harassment trainings
  • Workman’s comp training
  • Safety walkthroughs
  • OSHA trainings and guidance and preparedness for OHSA visits
  • Federal and State Dept. of Labor, EEOC, AND OSHA updates
  • Local candidates who want to work and have the skills to do the job
  • We offer full medical benefits to all employees once they meet the requirements
  • We offer discounted bill rates for paid holidays and vacations
  • We can partner with you on any bonuses you offer employees


  • Light Industrial
  • Office and Administration
  • Hospitality
  • Maintenance
  • Warehouse