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50 Places Raising the Minimum Wage in 2018

Several dozen American cities, counties, and states raised local minimum wages on January 1.

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Seismic Shifts in the U.S. Economy: Impact on the Manufacturing Supply Chain

U.S. manufacturers are benefiting from currency valuations that make U.S. exports more competitive overseas, but two countervailing factors could disturb the current equilibrium.


Working While Stoned: How will Companies Cope?

Legal recreational pot is rapidly creating a tug of war in the workplace between employers and employees


A Chicago law firm, Edelson P.C., that bills itself as the "Plaintiff Class Action Powerhouse" has launched three (3) separate class action lawsuits in the Cook County court system for what is alleged as violations of the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act (740 ILCS 14/1 et seq.).

This Act, which became effective as of October 3, 2008, was allegedly created to protect the "weary public" from the onslaught of the "use of biometrics" for identification purposes and which has created a heightened risk for identify theft. The Act has imposed various specific requirements on employers who use any "biometric identifier" (i.e. retina or iris scan; fingerprint; voiceprint; or scanning of hand or face geometry) to comply with certain basic requirements to protect the public: (740 ILCS 14/15):

  1. Develop a written policy, which is made available to the public, establishing any and all guidelines for dealing with biometric identifiers and biometric information.
  2. To inform all involved employees, in writing, that biometric identifiers or biometric information is being collected and/or stored.
  3. Involve the involved employee, again in writing, of the specific purpose and length of term for which the biometric identifier or biometric information will be collected, stored and/or used and
  4. Receive a written release, executed by any involved employee, authorizing the collection of biometric information or the use of biometric identifiers.

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You might be more qualified for that job than you think

No degree? No experience?

No problem.

With employers struggling to find workers in an ever-tightening labor market, many are hiring job candidates for both white- and blue-collar jobs who lack skills or experience deemed essential just a few years ago.

“Companies aren’t going for 100% of the job description,” says Paul McDonald, senior executive director of staffing firm Robert Half. “They’re going for approximately 70% to 75% of the job description but they’re going with individuals who have high potential and are a good cultural fit.”


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Illinois Employers

Illinois Employers Should Be Hyper Alert to an Employee's First 30 Working Days

Illinois Employers Should Be Hyper Alert to an Employee's First 30 Working Days - Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) - Wessels Sherman Joerg Liszka ...


Illinois Senate Approves $15 Hourly Minimum Wage

SPRINGFIELD, IL — The Illinois Senate approved a bill Wednesday night that would raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022. The bill, which was approved by the House of Representatives Tuesday, has to face its final hurdle: getting signed by Gov. Bruce Rauner. 

The Senate approved SB 81 by a 30-23 vote and the House passed it with a 61 to 53 vote.

The question remains whether or not Bruce Rauner will be on board with the minimum wage hike.


Cook County Nix Flurry as the End Nears

"Come Alsip and Bridgeview and Burbank and Bellwood. Come Hillside and Justice and River Grove and Homewood. Come Orland Park and Palos Heights and Maywood. Welcome these Cook County municipalities to my nix list, those that have opted out of the county Earned Sick Leave Ordinance.  My list is now 45 municipalities long, which is approximately one-third of the municipalities within Cook County. "


The Case for a $15 Minimum Wage for Illinois

  "The Illinois legislature is considering a measure that would gradually raise Illinois’ minimum wage from its current $8.25 an hour up to $15 an hour by 2022. Analysis of the latest available data shows that, not just in the Chicago area but across the state, single workers without children will soon need $15 an hour or more just to cover the basics – and workers with families will need even more. The typical worker earning less than $15 an hour is an adult over 25 who works full time, but still cannot make ends meet. A $15 minimum wage would deliver a large raise for nearly 1 in 4 workers in Illiniois. The economic evidence from other states shows that, if phased in gradually, a $15 minimum wage would be manageable for employers, while delivering broad benefits for Illiniois’ workforce. "


Illinois Democrats
Illinois Democrats aim high with minimum wage proposals

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SPRINGFIELD – Amid a national push by unions and worker advocates for a $15 minimum wage, Illinois Democrats hope to pass an ambitious hike during the spring legislative session, despite a warning from Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner that he opposes an increase of any kind.

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